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Global Machine Learning
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What We Do

Novit.AI provides fully integrated, bespoke artificial intelligence solutions for your business.

Data Gathering

We get data from space with advanced radar satellites, inside a remote oil pipeline with our ultrasonic sensors, from your existing CCTV cameras or CRM archives

Machine Learning

Our experts train our neural network models with bespoke data, and have artificial intelligence automate your industrial processes while improving itself on the job

Deep Insights

We extract and translate the outputs of our artificial intelligence into easy-to-understand graphs and direct insights based on your exact requirements.


Predictive Analytics

Get ahead of the trends with out deep learning systems that vastly outperform traditional statistical approaches

Asset Tracking

Tap in to the world of New Space and IoT with AI to know where exactly in the world your assets are now, and where they're likely to be later

Development Tracking

Know how far along your competitors are in construction, or verify the claims of your remote crew with our AI looking through clouds with radar satellites

Renewable Insights

Get verifiable and up-to-date counts of renewable energy assets in any region with our global AI working through satellite constellations

Density Analysis

Get time-series information on the utilisation of airports, shopping malls and ports with our AI aggregating all the data for you

Predictive Maintenance

Protect your valuable assets with our custom IoT sensors and AI to sense anomalies and get ahead of equipment failures